Video conference about  Cooperation between Mexico and Haiti with the Ambassador of Mexico in Haiti Daniel Camara Avalos

Video conference about  Cooperation between Mexico and Caricom with the Ambassador of Mexico to the Eastern Caribbean Luis Lopez Manuel Moreno

Video conference about Accessing Finance for Business and Real Estate in US markets with Dr. David Doriscar 

Visit of the Medical delegation in Reynosa on June 23, 24, 25

Mobile Clinic and drug donation day in partnership with the Global Network of Young Politicians Morelos State, Mexico on Sunday, July 2, 2023

We are pleased to present the report of the Mobile Clinic and Drug Donation Day, a collaborative initiative organized in partnership with the Global Network of Young Politicians in Morelos State, Mexico. This event aimed to provide accessible healthcare services and distribute essential medicines to individuals in need.

Event Summary:

The Mobile Clinic and Drug Donation Day took place on Sunday, July 2, 2023, in Morelos State, Mexico. The event successfully brought together healthcare professionals, volunteers, and community members to create a supportive environment for medical assistance.

Key Highlights:

  • Mobile Clinic Services: A fully equipped mobile medical facility was set up at a central location. Qualified healthcare professionals offered free consultations, basic health check-ups, and essential treatments to attendees. Various health concerns were addressed, and personalized medical advice was provided.

  • Medication Distribution: Through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and local pharmacies, donated medications were distributed to individuals in need. Careful consideration was given to the proper distribution and instructions for medication usage, ensuring the well-being of the recipients.

  • Community Engagement: The event fostered community engagement and support. Attendees actively participated by sharing their experiences, asking questions, and engaging in meaningful discussions related to healthcare. The sense of unity and solidarity among participants created a positive atmosphere.

Impact and Outcomes:

The Mobile Clinic and Drug Donation Day had a significant impact on the community in Morelos State, Mexico. Key outcomes include:

  • Improved Access to Healthcare: The event provided crucial healthcare services to individuals who otherwise may not have had access to medical consultations and treatments.

  • Medication Assistance: The distribution of donated medicines alleviated the financial burden on individuals and ensured they had access to essential medications.

  • Community Support: The event strengthened community bonds and encouraged individuals to support one another in matters of healthcare and well-being.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Global Network of Young Politicians, healthcare professionals, volunteers, and all individuals who contributed their time, resources, and expertise to make this event a success. Your dedication and commitment made a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

We also thank the community members of Morelos State, Mexico, for their participation and trust in our initiative. Together, we have taken a step towards building a healthier and stronger community.

The Mobile Clinic and Drug Donation Day successfully fulfilled its mission of providing accessible healthcare services and distributing essential medicines. The impact and positive outcomes of this event will resonate within the community for years to come. We remain committed to our vision of improving healthcare access and promoting well-being in the future.

First Aid Training Program L’Azile, Haiti

I would like to share with you a summary of our two days of mobile clinics and first aid training that took place in Haiti on August 30th and 31st. This experience has been incredibly meaningful, and I am proud of our work and the impact we had on the Haitian community.

Mobile Clinics:

  • Over the course of these two days, we were able to provide essential medical care to more than 400 patients. These services included medical consultations, medications, and health counseling.

  • We treated a variety of medical conditions, ranging from common infections to chronic illnesses, and addressed the immediate healthcare needs of the local community.

  • Our medical team worked efficiently and cohesively to ensure that each patient received appropriate attention and quality care.

First Aid Training: 

  • We conducted a first aid training session for 200 enthusiastic and dedicated young participants from the community.

  • The young participants learned the basics of first aid, including first aid techniques, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and how to manage emergency situations.

  • This training was essential in enhancing the community’s capacity to respond to emergencies and save lives when needed.

Community Impact:

  • Our presence and work made a significant impact on the Haitian community. We contributed to improving the health and well-being of many residents, especially those who do not have easy access to medical care.

  • The first aid training we provided to young participants is an investment in community safety and preparedness for disasters or medical emergencies.

I want to express my gratitude to each member of our team for their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to this humanitarian mission. Our work had a real and positive impact, and it further strengthened our commitment to our mission as an association.

I am confident that our contribution will continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of the Haitian community. Thank you all for your unwavering support and for making these two days unforgettable.

Let us remain steadfast in our commitment to making a positive change in the world through medical assistance and training. I look forward to sharing more humanitarian experiences with you in the future.

With gratitude,


Ambroise Marie Phara

Executive director

Partnership Signed and Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health

We are delighted to inform you that we have recently entered into a successful partnership with the University of Quintana Roo. It has been a great pleasure for us to collaborate with the Head of Sexual Health at your institution, Dr. Andrea, as part of this partnership.

As part of our collaboration, we organized a captivating conference on the theme “Sexual and Reproductive Health from the Perspective of Gender and Human Rights” for the law students at your university. This conference provided an opportunity to exchange valuable ideas and knowledge on a topic as crucial and complex as this.

Dr. Andrea and our team worked together to present a comprehensive and inclusive perspective to the students on issues related to sexual and reproductive health, with a particular focus on human rights and gender equality. We are confident that this initiative has enriched the academic discourse within your university and has contributed to raising awareness among students on essential subjects.

We would like to express our gratitude to the University of Quintana Roo for its warm hospitality and continuous support. We look forward to continuing this successful collaboration and developing further joint projects and initiatives in the near future.


                                                 First Edition of the “Science for Humanity” Scientific Fair

Ivy Tech Community College | October 27, 2023

The first edition of the “Science for Humanity” Scientific Fair surpassed expectations, showcasing the remarkable talent and dedication of our scientific community. We anticipate that this event will continue to inspire and foster a culture of scientific excellence.



                                                                             Global Health Conference 

Ivy Tech Community College | October 30


The Global Health Conference at Ivy Tech Community College successfully achieved its objectives of providing a platform for robust discussions on global health challenges and solutions. The diverse range of topics covered and the active participation of attendees demonstrated a strong commitment to addressing global health issues within the academic and professional community.



                                                    Women’s Forum – “Together for Equality and Empowerment!

National Institute of Public Health of Mexico | November 30


The success of this forum relies on the collaboration and commitment of each one of you. Together, we have created a space where women’s voices resonate, ideas flourish, and concrete action takes root



                                                  Partnership with the municipality of Xochitepec.


Through in-depth research and constructive exchanges, the mayors of various municipalities in Haiti have recently entered into a significant partnership with the municipality of Xochitepec. This collaboration focuses on crucial issues such as education, empowerment, and health.

This partnership represents a significant step towards strengthening the bonds between our communities and establishing a fruitful exchange of ideas, resources, and expertise. By joining forces, we are confident that we can make substantial progress in these essential areas for the well-being of our fellow citizens.



                                             Celebration of the 220th anniversary of Independence – January 1, 2024

It is with great pride and a profound sense of unity that the Federation of the Haitian Diaspora in Mexico, the Research Center for International Studies and Training, along with the Mexican Federation of Martial Arts, celebrated the 220th anniversary of Haiti’s independence. This celebration brought together the Haitian community in Mexico, and the Director of the Research Center delivered an inspiring message on the theme of heritage and resilience.

In her speech, the Director highlighted the importance of preserving our cultural and historical heritage while emphasizing the innate strength and resilience that characterize the Haitian community.

This celebration demonstrated the power of solidarity and collaboration among different organizations and the community. By honoring Haiti’s independence, we strengthened the bonds that unite us and reaffirmed our commitment to a shared future of progress and success.

May this celebration serve as a prelude to many collaborative initiatives aimed at promoting Haitian heritage and enhancing the resilience of our community.

Together, let us build a future filled with pride, solidarity, and achievement.