Meet RECIST’s Executive staff and board members

Our Executive Team

Pierre Medina


Pierre Medina

Visionary, Entrepreneur, and Entrepreneurship Student at Ivy Tech Community College, Pierre is well connected with the International World. Pierre Medina had begun his studies in Diplomacy International at the Center of Training and Economic Development CFDE and had worked at the Ministry of Interior, Territorial Collectivities and National Defense and 2 Former Chief of Staff of the Haitian President. Mr. Pierre has Created the Haitian American Organization to better Assist the Haitian Diaspora encouraging participation and Investment in the Country of Residence, encouraging Haitian entrepreneurs to invest more in the US, be more creative, and contribute to a better environment thereby helping Haitian in difficulties.

Pierre had a long experience working with Group and Civic and Community Organizations and is Passionate about Social Activities and believes that Education and Training are the Keys to Human Development. Born Raised in Haiti to a Christian Family, Pierre is father of 2 Girls , Former President and Founder of ODAH Organization of development and Humanitarian Assistance in Haiti that registered at Minister of Socials Affairs and la labor in Haiti , who Organized several Event with Grass Roots United on Prevention Of Cholera for Community leaders and Organization , Organized Foods distribution and helping families with Shelter in Partnership with Benoit Thirry Ex Director for the World food program at the Log base and Clercine 8 , Tabarre. Former Administrator Of Reach Haiti Ministry Based in Tennessee, helping them to better Assist the Orphanages in Haiti by providing foods, scholarship program, build Churches and Community School in Haiti and Facilitate A Community Land at Croix to Build an Orphanage and Housing For US Missionary when they are in Visit in Haiti, and Coordinates the Missionary Activities In Haiti for their safety.

Pierre worked with AECID Spanish Agency of International Cooperation and Development Especially the diplomat Nuno Santos and Salvador Munoz Martinez of the Spanish Embassy in Dominican Republic after the Earthquake in 2010.  He Coordinated transportation and Haitian Human resources for the Spanish Medical Group at l Hopital de la Paix at Delmas 33 .2013 to 2014, Cabinet Member of the Town Hall of Croix Des Bouquets under the Administration of Nyrvah Florens Bruno Principal Mayor to coordinate all the External Planification with the NGO and Federal Government of Haiti.

Tearra Dotson

Vice President

Tearra Dotson

Tearra Dotson, a certified Life Coach, Customer Service Guru, Public Speaker, Trainer, and motivator, is dedicated to inspiring and helping others succeed. As a teenage mom, now the mother of five, Tearra went through tough times and overcame diversity and the status quo of what teen parents could not accomplish.  

Originally from South Bend, IN, Tearra uprooted her entire life and relocated to Indianapolis in 2008. During this time, she returned to continue her education, obtaining her Bachelor’s in Science in 2012 and her Master’s in Science in 2014. Over the years, she has grown professionally and gained relevant knowledge from life coaching and mentoring. To expound more on her professional experience, Tearra currently serves as the Entrepreneur Program Faculty at Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis; she also has over 20 years of Property Management, Development, and Construction experience. 

Personal life experiences inspired Tearra to help others who undergo difficult life circumstances. She travels nationwide, educating, motivating, training, teaching, and inspiring people. She empowers people to excel in leadership and achieve their full potential through practical customer service skills. Tearra is a trustworthy, reliable, lifelong learner and educator.  

Dr Marie Phara Ambroise

Executive Director

Dr Marie Phara Ambroise

Marie Phara Ambroise was born in Haiti. She has a medical degree from the Autonomous University of Quintana Roo of Mexico, a Master’s degree in Public Health, specializing in Infectious Diseases from the national institute of public health. She is a graduate of the Diplomas in Psychology, Maternal and Child Health,  Treatment of Chronic Diseases, and Financial Education

She received several certificates from the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health Public of Mexico on issues of Global Health and Preventive Medicine.

Recently, she completed the Global Diplomacy course at the University of London, and the program Design & Evaluation for Health Systems Strengthening course at Johns Hopkins University

When she was in Haiti,  she assisted with the Trinite Pep Organization which helped the most vulnerable people for several years. She worked as Consular Assistant at the Embassy of Mexico in Haiti, during the years 2012-2014 and received the honorary title of youth ambassador of the Haitians in Mexico in 2015.

She has experience in comprehensive structure for assessing health needs for designing, implementing, and evaluating health promotion and other public health programs  by applying The PRECEDE-PROCEED model

  • Comprehensive Diagnosis of Population Health 
  • Analysis and Diplomatic Management of Global Health Processes, for the Vaccination of Vulnerable, 
  • Design and Evaluation of Health Policy Programs
  • Education based on Simulation, Development, and Evaluation of Competences in Health


Meet the Coordinators for RECIST

Marthe-Arly Dorcé

Regional Director (Canada)

Marthe-Arly Dorcé

Marthe-Arly Dorcé, originally from Delmas, Haiti, began her journey after completing her classical studies in Haiti by joining the Marist Sisters congregation, where she underwent religious life training in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her religious life has instilled in her a sense of service, availability, listening, and solidarity towards the most vulnerable.

With in-depth training in theology, philosophy, and human development, Mrs. Dorcé expanded her horizons by studying International Relations in Brazil. She also obtained a degree in human resources from the Institute of Higher Studies in Brasilia (IESB).

Engaged in humanitarian initiatives, she served as the coordinator of the Pro-Haiti Project in 2012, providing support to Haitian compatriots in migration flows in Brazil, particularly in Manaus. Her role as an intervener and interpreter with IOM in Brazil strengthened her commitment to migrant rights.

Mrs. Dorcé has also served in diplomatic missions at the Embassy of Haiti in Brazil, followed by a role as a consultant in foreign policy at the Senate of the Republic of Haiti. Continuing her journey, she ventured into entrepreneurship, becoming the CEO of the hair care products brand Capi9. She is a certified entrepreneur and has received training in Bio Cosmetics in Montreal.

Currently, as Special Program Coordinator (Canada), she proudly represents our organization in Canada, specifically in Montreal, Quebec. Her biography reflects a continuous commitment to spirituality and humanitarian values. She is a remarkable individual whose journey inspires and exemplifies a steadfast dedication to making a positive impact on the world

Paula Daniela Melo Solarte

Regional Director (Columbia)


PAULA DANIELA MELO SOLARTE was born in Colombia. She is a Dietitian Nutritionist from the National University of Colombia, specializing in Management and Audit of the Quality in Health of the University of Nariño / Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.

She is part of the Food Sovereignty and Security Observatory of the National University of Colombia and is currently completing a Master’s in Public Health with Area of ​​Concentration in Nutrition at the National Institute of Health Public of Mexico.

 She has research and work experience in the area of ​​health and nutrition with social focus and through its links with academia, government sectors and private entities in your country have had the opportunity to participate in theformulation, implementation and evaluation of various programs and policies of food, nutrition, food and nutrition security and food sovereignty.

 She has also been the coordinator of the food assistance project for centers care for the elderly in the Department of Nariño-Colombia during the 2019-2020, she was the leader of the technical assistance group for the formulation of Sovereignty and Food and Nutrition Security plans in the Department of Nariño-Colombia during the year 2020 and 2021 and member of the evaluation team of the Afro and Indigenous Food and Nutrition Plan of Tumaco during the year 2022.

She is distinguished by her community work with peasant, indigenous and Afro-Colombian and particularly with boys and girls under five years of age, belonging to vulnerable family nuclei, where she has contributed to improving their nutritional condition.

Dr German Guerra

Special Coordinator for International Research and Science

Dr. Germán Guerra

Dr. Germán Guerra (B. Soc. Sci. in Sociology; MSc in Demography; Ph.D. (c) in Global Health) has worked in Social Science and Public Health research projects in diverse public and private sector institutions in the Latin American, European, and African regions since 2006. He has served at a Health Science Researcher position in the Global Health Program of the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico since 2012.

Dr. Guerra has published several peer-reviewed scientific articles, book chapters, and dissemination notes on labor and employment, health and migration, social determinants of health, and global health diplomacy. He is an Editorial Board Member of the “Young Researcher Editorials” series of the Swiss School of Public Health’s International Journal of Public Health and an Associate Editor of BMC Springer-Nature’s Globalization and Health.

His research interests focus on health equity, global health and its social determinants, and the impacts on health of employment and working conditions.

Raúl Ramírez Carreto

Public Health Program Coordinator

Raúl Ramírez Carreto

Raúl Ramírez Carreto is currently completing a Master’s in public health, specializing in administration from the School of Public Health of Mexico of the National Institute of Public Health, interested in global health, and vaccination policies.
He’s an Experimental Biologist who graduated from the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), with a specialization area in neuroendocrinology and sexual behavior.
He has Work experience in state and federal agencies, in field operations and direct attention to the community.
He worked as operations manager of private sector clinical analysis companies with ties to state, municipal, and federal governments, as well as transnational, parastatal, national, and regional companies.
He is a manager and partner of a 3D printing and design company directing the medical devices division, advising on development, design, prototyping, GMP, technovigilance and paperwork before COFEPRIS.

Humberto Álvarez Sáyago

Medical Director 

Humberto Álvarez Sáyago

 Humberto Álvarez Sáyago, is a Mexican public health doctor. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, as a surgeon, and later from the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico, where he completed postgraduate studies, a master’s degree in public health, specializing in health administration.

 He is currently the state health coordinator in the organization Global Network of Young Politicians in Morelos. He has participated as a leader and activist in different civil society organizations to promote health and social justice. He has developed teaching activities in public and private institutions.As well as private medical practice at the first level of care. Interested in guaranteeing universal access to health through his research on public-private collaboration. In 2019, he was nominated for the Nuevo León State Youth Award as a Leader in Preventive Health.


Meet the Board of Directors for RECIST

Dr. David Doriscar

Board Member

Dr. David Doriscar

Dr.David Doriscar is a professional that has had the privilege of working in many different  industries both in the private sector and in the public sector. Dr. Doriscar completed his B.S and his Masters of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. David  Doriscar worked as a series three licensed commodity broker investing commodities via the New York Mercantile Exchange and moved up to becoming the managing partner of the commodity investment firm.

Dr.Doriscar was raised in a community active family. Being the son of a preacher that did great financial literacy programs for his congregation, Dr. David felt the call to continue the legacy of his late father by helping to strengthen the growth of the church and the community-based activities.

Subsequently, Dr. Doriscar received his Doctorate of Education in Leadership and  Management. After working as an administrator in Academia and a Sales and Marketing executive across several industries, Dr. Doriscar started Doriscar Capital Group to help businesses and real  estate investors receive funding from micro-loans to north of 100 million dollars throughout the U.S.